Dave Nada is Tearing shit up this year!! Don't know how i stumbled upon this stuff but its the Bomb.

If you feel so inclined there is an interview about how this all came about here pretty funny how things happen. All this Moombahton stuff so far is bootlegs of Dutch house pitched down with a kinda reggaeton vibe to it. Its kinda the opposite to deep disco (i.e Revenge, 6th borough project) but i reckon you could mix them! I feel this Moombahton sound could hit a great spot! Can't wait to drop it to a seething dance floor!!!! peace

higher state of moombahton - DJ Apt One x Josh Wink

Metele Bellaco - Munchi

also the Riverside edit is pretty cool never thought id say that but check it out as well!!



    The Ernold Sane Mix just dropped and the extensive MU-GEN Moombahton anthology dropped
    a few days ago. Melbourne is now The Moombahton Capital of the World. Vancouver
    is the epicenter for all the Moombahton happening in Western Canada. Morningstar's
    "Rude Boy" huge Moombahton underground hit
    establshing the smoother West Coast sound in LA. Wyld Stallyns tears up Texas with "Party Alarm" and Uncle Jesse's classic "Whatchadoin" is B'more Moombahton + Munchi with Dutch Moombahton in Rotterdam. "AY, TAN SUCIA!"

  2. Check out new Moombahton sensation MOOMBAHTRON
    based in Phoenix along with DJ MELO and DJ EPIDEMIC!

  3. Check out AUDIO1 & FRISKO EDDY representing the SF BAY AREA for #MOOMBAHTON.