Back on the BEAT...

It has been super busy these last couple of weeks an hadn't found time to share the love... All good though because in that time many great things have arrived on my doorstep an i am now able to share bits an pieces with you>>>>>>>>

Im on the house music tip for this post running with a sort of 90s vibe. The crown jewel being the B side off the new Cabin Fever Trax 10 record which is from the Rekids label run by Radio slave, the Cabin Fever series are apparently limited releases of some of their weapons of dance floor destruction. Admittedly this is my first of the series but i've been doing my research an all 10 are fantastic!! enjoy

B1 - Cabin Fever Trax 10

Next is a Crystal Waters edit from the Basement Boys simple funky stuff that i can almost visualize a crowd from the 90s getting down too, Bring back the flat top...

Makin' Happy (Basement Boys Happy Hump) - Crystal Waters

Really looking forward to this long weekend sunday is going to be large starting with an afternoon into evening in bondi to get warmed up at the social club ( Check ze party profile) then back up to the cross to Hugos for a well deserved Peroni!!! lots of fun an shit loads of new records. Excite

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