We are back on the 6th of nov and hot damn are we excited!!
Keeping it simple and sweet- SLOW-BLOW and SOFTWAR will be spinning tunes all night looooooooong!!
Expect to be taken on a musical journey across some type of jive crazy disco cosmos thats oozzzzes sound and light-that you can feel.... We want to see you sweat, dance and have some god damn fun!!!
G-orgy is fresh back from NYC with a buck load of records that he just dieing to play- SUPER YAY
It also happens to be Mr Ron Jeremy/Pink Lloyd (1/2 of SOFTWAR) birthday! The little spunk wants birthday kisses, hugs and drinks and more- so give it to him....GIVE IT TO HIM HARD!!!
This month its all about having fun-so come shake a leg!

Kisses xxx

George & Pari


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