SLOW-BLOW is celebrating its 1ST BIRTHDAY on SATURDAY the 2nd of OCT!!!!(FARK- has this crept up on us like a snake in the grass or what!)
We are settled back in at our beloved home GOODGOD SMALLCLUB and ready to throw one hell of a good bloody birthday party(get excited)!!!!
If you have seen what we can do with hearts, floral delights and the jungle(in a club)-expect to be blown away with what we have prepared!
Celebrating with... us will be "THE HEEBIE JEEBIES" coming down to play some ace birthday tunes(they wont let the turkeys get you down!), Along with our lovely residents "SOFTWAR" who have been there from the start(BONZER boys!)

As its bit of a special occasion we would love for you to come in your very best BIRTHDAY you interpret this is totally up too you! Who ever does the best job-gets something...maybe...

Also there will be a free mix for the first 50 lucky people that walk in the door!

look forward to seeing you!

love and kisses

George & Pari

thanks to all who have been coming down and making it rad, and those will continue too... its only just begun!

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