SLOW-BLOW returns SEPTEMBER 4 to where it all began, a place best known for its social and musical stimulation-GOODGOD SMALL CLUB!!!!!!!
We are super freakin excited, and to celebrate SLOWBLOW'S return, we are throwing a "SPRING FLING FUNDRAISER' for the the beloved club!
Expect amazing floral delights, simmering disco tunes, more floral delights, and a big load of warm spring time vibes running rampant!
Too help us bring the big love will be our residents - "SOFTWAR" connoisseurs of all things cosmic and tantric...BUT THAT AINT ALL!
We will be welcoming to the party the mysterious "JAMES BAD"-who is this fellow? You will just have to wait and see!!

As always we are going to bring you a night of disco and fun +++++ so much more!!!

All profits we make from the party are going back into the club - so come PARTY, support GOODGOD, and celebrate the beginning of SPRING with SLOWBLOW!!!

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