Rain Rain an more FREAKIN Rain...

So over this shit weather, Sydney has felt like a big ass puddle for the last 2 weeks. So i've decided to go on a summer holiday!!
Yes Europe here i come first timer an really excited.

I Will be starting in London then Barcelona, Paris and Berlin. So im gonna put the word out to anyone reading this that has any suggestions on parties, dj's, bands or anything music related that i can check out in any of these cities?

Im most excited to be going to Berlin an checking out the Dance music scene as many of my favorite producers hail from Germany. Until i leave this big puddle ill be posting German dance music producers, Labels an Clubs.

To get started the latest BIS podcast is from a guy called Prosumer who i don't know much about except that he is from Berlin an if you dig Haus music this mix is absolutely killer!! i also know he does a monthly residency at Panorama bar (massively ripping) which will be a definite stop on my trip!

Ill be touching on labels such as Brontosaurs, Permanent Vacation an Innervisions, also artist like Ame, Hendrik Schwarz, Arto Mwambe an Tensnake in the coming weeks

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