Life has a funny way of bringing you what you want. It never happens when you would like and it never happens in a way you'd have thought it to, but it happens!!
The last thing on my mind today as i awoke from my afternoon nap (being on holidays these things tend to occur frequently) I opened my computer checked facebook which has become a ritual whilst abroad and up pops a chat window an straight away "Hey been looking for this track do you know it? i can't find it any where?" i could sense the desperation, something i can sympathize with.
As i search, i start to get that feeling you know when your on the brink of a major discovery and there she was Aretha Franklin breaking out with this 1982 release "Jump to it".
this one is going out to Dan thanks for the wake up call
Aretha strays from her Soul roots for some get up an move!!

Aretha Franklin - Jump to it

and for peeps that dig a refined cut

Aretha Franklin – Jump to it (Prince Klassen edit)

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